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Jeff Bezos, founder and chief executive of Amazon, which crossed a $1 trillion market cap on Tuesday | Source: Getty Images It’s this very founder-led mentality that has driven Amazon to the heights it currently enjoys. Problems arise however, when organisations lose this force, either by the departure of their founder entirely or by scaling to an extent where their founder’s energy and presence becomes so dissipated as to be ineffectual. When Walmart lost Sam Walton, it lost its North Star and proceeded to make decisions that flew in the face of the values that Walton espoused and that customers appreciated. While Jeff Bezos appears healthy (actually somewhat jacked) the greater risk is that his direct involvement and influence in the day-to-day strategy and execution at Amazon diminishes over time, either by virtue of the scale of the organisation or given his particular passion for non-core aspects of the business such as commercial space travel. As a founder mentality is replaced by an incumbent mentality Amazon will lose customer focus and will innovate less. The energy once directed at improving the business will be sapped in working merely to sustain the organisational infrastructure. Decisions once made at the frontlines of the business will be pushed to the middle of the organisation and away from the customer, resulting in a fatal loss of loyalty. No longer the underdog, Amazon will lose its unique sense of mission and purpose and become a large, slow-moving target for competitors. Through the 1990s we heard stories of Amazon executives getting rich on stock options and people clamouring to join their ranks.

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